AVIS Bank transforms the today monies into
blockchain for the money
of the tomorrow's world

Liquidity for the industry, institutions, for businesses and for everyone in need to transfer cash through the world.


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The place where you can trade cryptocurrencies with global market price

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Features of Avis Exchange

Liquidity for the worlds industry by trade of stocks, bonds and cryptocurrency

Process two-factor authentication along with security system for 100% secured digital asset trading.

Automated transforming of values into blockchain technology

950 team members from the financial markets marketing and trading worldwide

About AvisExchange

AVIS Exchange (XCHG) is a pioneer project. We are transforming currently our exchange toward a real stock exchange. In fact, we are converting bonds and corporate shares into tokens. Practically almost every value can be tokenized and sold at our exchange. Means every corporation in need of liquidity will be able to convert his corporate structure into a public traded vehicle.

Our intention is further to register or exchange at other exchanges, like NASDAQ or the Luxembourg exchange, and with several central banks.

XCHG merge with our NFT Exchange where we publish values, interesting to modern green oriented peoples!

$76 billion

24h trading Volume


Cryptocurrencies listed

25 million


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We are not a simple Crypto Exchange. We transform corporate shares and bonds into tokens for instant worldwide trade. Green oriented, and high-tech firms will have instant access to financial and technology support, and investors in search for green environment support have access to new technologies investments. AVIS Securities with 950 brokers and administrators will support you in marketing and trade worldwide.